Writing: articles, opinions & manifestos

Blog post:  US Standoff with North Korea: Why Talk Is the Only Realistic Option (2017)
Article:  Stitching Korea Back Together: Women Cross the DMZ (2015)
Film review:  We Are Not Ghosts! (2012) 
Opinion:  How Would YOU Spend $653 billion? (2012)
Sample scripts:  Fashioning Resistance to Militarism (2011) 
Opinion:  Fashioning Resistance to Militarism—with Christine Ahn (2009) 
Article:  Genuine Security for Women: My Sister’s Place at Twenty (2007) 
Article:  Mending the Fabric of Life: Integrating Feminism into the World Social Forum, Caracas (March 2006)
Opinion:  Why War is All the Rage (San Francisco Chronicle, May 29, 2005, D5)—with Christine Ahn 
Opinion: Home Truths: Afghan women wait for the US to fulfill its promises (2004) 
Opinion:  What This Country Needs Is a Time Revolution (2003) 
Article:  Elements of Life (2002)
Manifesto:  Gender and Human Security (1999) 
Opinion:  Worldwide Peace Appeal (San Francisco Chronicle, May 12, 1999, A17) 
Manifesto:  Frontline Feminisms Conference statement (1997)